Caf’e Tricot Studio

Caf’e Tricot Studio-Knitting wool and cotton knitting yarn-Knitting patterns.

Caf’e Tricot Studio only works with italian manufacturers whose ethical beliefs are the same : respecting the environment, nurturing ancestral cotton producer from India, as well as supporting  the rearing of animals for natural and organic fibres, as ALPAGA and MERINO

The first major strength of Caf’e Tricot Studio is in it’s diverse and high quality choice of colourful yarns. MERINO, MOHAIR, CASHMERE, SILK, PURE COTTONS, ORGANIC COTTONS.

It’s second major strength is it’s exclusive KNITTING PATTERNS for all ages, and its  KNITTING PATTERNS ACCESSORIES, which are designed by well known designers and sold in kits.

A large choice of patterns permits beginners as well as confirmed knitters, the opportunity to practice knitting. Thanks to the choice of high quality yarns, both soft and natural, Caf’e tricot studio has been able to addit the designs to suit people with sensitive skin: KNITTING PATTERNS FOR BABIES

And last but not least, the third major strength of Caf’e tricot studio that has quickly made it a household name, is the free KNITTING VIDEOS. Easily understandable and clearly explained, there is no need for any translation, as the language of hands is international!