Our Knitting Lessons have started up again!

It was a lovely day. Not only was the sun shining in Paris but there were a lot of us
for our 3rd Knitting RDV rue Chateau Landon, and lots of bonnets, scarves, mittens,
jumpers…..were being knitted!!
We now have the possibility to use this great place for evening knitting classes.26 rue Château-Landon 75010 Paris.
Apart from Thursdays and Saturdays, we can therefore suggest any other evening from 7.00pm to 9.00pm, knowing that many of you work, we thought that these times would suit…The classes all for all levels, from the very beginner to the seasoned expert! Wools and needles can be bought from us on the premises.
The price is 30€ for an hour & a half, the last half hour being for relaxing & chatting as you continue, of course, to knit!…We’ll let you the dates asa we know which evenings
you prefer, we’ll obviously try our very best to make sure everyone is happy!
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