Our Knitting lessons

Yesterday, during our knitting rdv at “Air de Famille” we met Pascale who came for her very first lesson. An enthusiastic and very determined pupil who absolutely wanted to knit a bonnet and headband asap using mohair & silk wool….




Knitting with our mohair “Eiffel” is not the easiest thing to do, especially for a beginner! But we soon realised that with her determination & talent we would be seeing the finished results very soon!



From January 9th, evening classes will be starting up from 7.00pm ’til 9.00pm, for a lesson of an hour & a half at 30€, where wools etc can be supplied if needs be, the last half hour will be recreational!… 30 mins to chat, knit & put the world to rights!!
To take part in these evening lessons, please contact us well before Jan. 9th letting us know your level of knitting expertise (or “un”expertise!.. it’s not a problem….we’re there to teach!) The enrollment form must be in by Thursday 5th January. For the time being, these classes will only take place on Monday evenings.
CAF’E TRICOT STUDIO would take this opportunity of wishing you all
And to say too, that we are thinking of those of our friends and customers
who are ill or alone at this time.
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